Elizabeth made the process of completing our Revocable Living Trust and Special Needs Trust quick and easy. Her attention to detail and thoroughness are reflected in very comprehensive final documents. Our son has Autism. My husband and I are so relieved to have this process complete, knowing that our desires for our son's care will be carried out, and that he is no longer at risk of being ineligible for SSI and Medi-Cal. Elizabeth's in-depth knowledge of this specialized area of the law gave us a great deal of comfort in our decision to have her prepare our trusts.
- Tim and Sally Puhek, San Marcos, CA

We are so grateful to have found Elizabeth. We had been warned about the many so-called Special Needs Trust "experts" and it was very difficult finding someone we could thoroughly trust. After receiving an enthusiastic referral from a friend and doing a little background check, we met with Elizabeth. After two simple sessions, and about a month, we had all our questions answered and our Family Trust, Special Needs Trust, and Power of Attorney/Medical Directive for our son who has Autism. This was achieved for about the same price as our prior family trust...which did not come close to addressing our son's special needs. Elizabeth made this process very simple. She handled a multitude of questions with clear answers. She gave detailed instructions and advice on how to handle SSI and Medi-Cal. She took care of the complex job of transferring title on our assets (which my prior Trust Lawyer did not). She was also very prompt and thorough in responding to e-mail questions. I have no doubt Elizabeth keeps herself up to date with recent changes in the law and provides layers of protection for your family. It is with confidence that we highly recommend Elizabeth to set up your Family Trust, and especially your Special Needs Trust.
- John and Leslie Moon, Poway, CA

When I became aware that I should have a Special Needs Trust for my son with Asperger Syndrome, I contacted a lawyer and the bank to take care of that. It wasn't until attending Elizabeth's seminar (3 years later) that I discovered that the documents were done incorrectly. If it weren't for Elizabeth's passion to "get the word out" and going above and beyond for special kids, my son would not now have the protection he needs for his future.
- Jeanie Meyer, Escondido, CA

We are so pleased that we selected Elizabeth McCoy to prepare our package of trusts and directives. Our trust situation had some unusual wrinkles, and Elizabeth consistently impressed us with her knowledge of the law, as well as her ability to help us understand the complex issues involved. She also showed a genuine caring for us and for other families with children who have disabilities. - Earl and Allyson Williams, San Diego, CA

Elizabeth has been an integral part in one of the most challenging pieces to insuring the future care of our son who has autism. With expert guidance on her part in putting all of the appropriate legal matters together, we feel we can provide our son with the best possible outcome for his long-term care and financial needs. - Keith and Angela Richards, Carlsbad, CA

We'd like to express our heartfelt gratitude for not only Mrs. McCoy's professionalism, but more importantly her genuine concern for our family. The time she took to explain so many things we didn't even know about really saved us an enormous amount of potential amendments and changes that we'll never have to give a second thought to now. The entire process from start to finish left us with a feeling of confidence and great joy to know our two Autistic children will be cared for exactly how we'd like, and not the state or some other set of laws we may not agree with. Her help and extensive knowledge in the field of special needs trusts has given us that piece of mind we've desired. We'd be happy to recommend her services to those we know. Please do not hesitate to give out our names as references to any interested parties. - Steven & Tempra Gallegos, Oceanside, CA

It had been nearly twenty years since I had done my will. When I learned on Thursday afternoon that I had a life-threatening disease and needed surgery, I knew I needed to act quickly. After researching local estate attorneys, I called Elizabeth on a Saturday night expecting to reach voice mail. Imagine my surprise when she answered and set an appointment for the following Wednesday. Four days later, Elizabeth had all the documents completed. Thanks to Elizabeth, I had the knowledge that no matter what happened during my surgery, my estate was in good hands. Elizabeth was totally professional, personable, and exceeded our expectations. I couldn't be more pleased! - Kathleen Dunning-Torbett, Fallbrook, CA

We feel fortunate to have found Ms. McCoy to help us through the myriad of issues in will and estate planning. She was flexible, responded immediately to our queries and most importantly, is current on the changes in estate planning laws. I know our will and estate planning documents are done properly and that it will not be an ordeal to make changes in the future. - Francesco and Judy Testa, San Diego, CA

Elizabeth McCoy is a very compassionate and knowledgeable attorney who helped us restate and amend our prior living trust and wills. She thoroughly explained why they did not protect our son who has Downs Syndrome. She did a very thorough job setting up our son's special needs trust and all of our other estate planning documents. She was professional, and performed all the work in a timely manner. - James and Michele Clarizio, Simi Valley, Ventura County, CA

We are the parents of a 17 year old Autistic son. For years, we were overwhelmed by the complexities of establishing and understanding a Special Needs Trust. We kept putting it off until later, and finally realized we couldn't put it off any longer. It was at that point that I contacted Elizabeth McCoy, Esq. Elizabeth explained everything to us in easy to understand terms & gave us an outline & a price during our initial meeting, but it did not end there. We soon realized we had a true partner in Elizabeth. She promptly and thoroughly answered any and all questions we e-mailed to her. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and true caring about individuals with developmental disabilities was immediately evident. The superior product, value, service, and the way in which she empowers families by giving them the tools they need to succeed with this process is truly awesome. We recommend Elizabeth McCoy to any family who is considering such a Trust to take care of their loved one with Special Needs. You will not be disappointed! - Mary & Paul Struble, San Diego County, CA

We never had to deal with special needs estate planning until our precious son was diagnosed with Autism. Elizabeth was highly recommended by a fellow military family. I can not thank that family enough because she was everything they said she was and more. Elizabeth walked us through every step of the way in such a genuine and caring manner. We admire her professionalism, thoroughness and dedication to serving families with special needs. Elizabeth has provided us with the necessary tools to make the appropriate decisions by educating us along the way.My husband and I are grateful for that, and we are now at ease that our son will be taken care of as well our needs by the comprehensive estate planning we received by Elizabeth.

- Michele, Robert & Nicholas Fox, San Diego, CA

I am a caregiver and payee representative for my adult Downs Syndrome brother, both of our parents are deceased. Two years, hundreds of research hours, hundreds of referrals (that either referred me to someone else, did not return my telephone calls, were waaaay to expensive and/or either had no idea of a stand alone special needs trust) - and at the very last minute (no, right on time) God provided an angel to guide the way. Elizabeth McCoy not only had answers to all my questions, she responded to my email inquiry and telephone call within a day!!! All other attorneys I spoke with said that a Special Needs Trust had to be attached to my will or living trust. Ms. McCoy appears to be the only attorney in California that specializes in "stand alone" special needs trusts. She was very knowledgeable, relatively inexpensive, tutored me through the requirements and management of a special needs trust. She was easily understood, and comfortable to talk with (in fact, it is a real pleasure to talk with her) I now have what my parents undoubtedly wanted in place for Lawrence to provide those special needs in his life. - Maria Earle, Los Angeles, CA

It is always difficult to take THAT NEXT STEP in preparing for the future for your child with Autism. Elizabeth has made that step very comfortable for us. Elizabeth met with us in our own home, met our son, and completed the trust in a very timely fashion. Her work was thorough and comprehensive. She answered all of our questions and then some. She is a true professional and was very helpful. My husband, Ron, and I highly recommend her to others looking to create a special needs trust for their child. - Tina Pattison and Ron Stump, Murrieta, Riverside County, CA